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Provides the most scientifically-valid comparison

Quantitative analysis of MRI data is the most sensitive measure of brain damage currently available. While measurement of the brain’s gray matter volume and the white matter integrity is common, Quantify's individual comparison to a healthy control group now allows for a scientifically valid conclusion of abnormality to be made. Curation of comparable normative databases are expensive to compile and other databases available on the market lack volume or integrity. Quantify provides the most scientifically-valid normative database for individual comparison.

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Objective evidence of brain injury can be quantified

A scaling scan is used to calibrate every scanner where Quantify™ client data is collected — a scaling approach that is unique to Quantify and available across nearly 50 imaging centers nationwide

The Quantify approach to quantitative analysis involves collecting high-resolution MRI data across the entire brain in very thin slices (one every millimeter of the brain). The Quantify algorithms then extract detailed measurements of the brain’s gray and white matter. Quantify organizes the gray matter data measurements into 107 recognized brain regions, and measures the integrity of 48 major white matter fiber tracts interconnecting those regions. Carefully measuring both gray and white matter is the first step in identifying dysfunction.

Using the correct data collection methods, quality controls, and comparison group, objective evidence of brain injury can be quantified. 

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The Quantify™ Difference

Thorough, efficient, well-supported, and reliable

Quantify’s database was collected on one machine using the same parameters and sequences.

All scanners used to collect individual data are then scaled to the database.

Datasets are automatically screened for data noise and artifacts before analyses are performed.

A statistical correction for multiple comparisons is applied to any findings.

Outputs are reviewed by a qualified neuroscientist prior to report being issued.

Clients can contact the Quantify team for follow up questions or expert referral after reviewing the report.

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