The Problem

The collection and assessment of mental health and brain injury data is a lengthy and difficult process  

A sophisticated level of advanced analysis and expertise is required when assessing the types, severity, and frequency of brain abnormalities. Identifying functional impact and changes to quality of life is an evolving process that is best captured as early on as possible. It is commonly understood that visual review of clinical imaging data is often not sensitive enough to identify all abnormalities. Further, having multiple individuals organizing past and present educational, medical, therapeutic, mental health, and pharmaceutical records results in wasted time and redundant effort. Simply, evaluating the brain isn't easy.

The Solution

MINDSET applies science-based solutions to simplify the collection and analysis of brain data

MINDSET's approach ensures quality data collection, specialized data analysis, and objective results. This begins with screening across the full range of physical, psychiatric, and cognitive symptoms that may follow a brain injury. In turn, an efficient review of the organized and indexed records fully establishes the injured person's profile. Finally, when warranted, MINDSET will collect advanced brain imaging sequences and compare the individual's data to a proprietary database of normative controls. Step by step, MINDSET makes brain investigations easier.

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By the Numbers

The neuroscience underlying our services was developed through years of research, and has been the subject of numerous peer-reviews and publications. MINDSET has taken that science and created an efficient conduit for its use across a number of clinical and legal market applications.


Federal District Court appointments


Scientific evidence admissibility motions 


U.S. State Court appointments


Death penalty cases with neuroimaging data 


Civil TBI cases with collection and analysis


Datsets processed using Quantify

We are proud to have an academic and clinical referral network of 60+ experts in:

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