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A time and money saving tool

TBI CHEQ has the power to help uncover mild to moderate TBI. Cost-effective and comprehensive, this tool helps to save on costs associated with verifying an mTBI case as is designed to quickly and comprehensively identify symptoms and impairments and collect and report physical, psychiatric, and cognitive data in one patient visit.  It can inform specialist's diagnoses and treatment decisions. TBI CHEQ creates a dynamic snapshot of how a client presents across multiple domains serving as a concentrated and organized basis for critical specialist referral(s).

More data is a good thing. And TBI CHEQ allows for more informed decisions when determining the next best steps to take. 

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Undiagnosed mTBI is a public health challenge. TBI CHEQ enables your practice to be part of the solution. TBI CHEQ brings the standard of care for inpatient evaluation of TBI to the outpatient setting. Cost-effective and efficient, TBI CHEQ allows providers to collect a large amount of multidisciplinary, actionable data in one outpatient appointment. The results allow treatment to begin sooner, be more informed and effective, and serve as the basis for necessary provider referrals. Being a provider that identifies an otherwise undiagnosed brain injury will generate gratitude in your patients and increase your marketability in the community.

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Visible results you can use

TBI CHEQ reveals hidden damage in mTBI


Keeps attorneys from overspending on cases


Identifies the type and severity of symptoms or impairment


Reveals a treatment roadmap if symptoms exist


Provides abundant reporting and actionable data

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